Half Moon Bay to Malawi

Half Moon Bay to Malawi
A Service and Mission Trip from Community United Methodist Church to Wings of Hope in Malawi, Africa

For over 12 years, Community United Methodist Church has supported Wings of Hope in Malawi.  This is a ministry run by Bayana Chunga and we have sponsored AIDS/HIV High School Outreach Projects.   This was the first time that we have sent a Mission Team to visit and help with the work of Wings of Hope.  It was an exciting effort and our team spent more than a year planning, dreaming, praying and fundraising to make this a reality.  Our trip was June 30-July 14, 2016.

Wings of Hope is involved in the following efforts:

  • Organizing HIV/AIDS campaigns in high schools throughout the country
  • Producing radio programs for the national radio station
  • Young couples groups and courtship counseling
  • Producing devotionals for the National Television Station
  • Run a weekly newspaper column
  • Coaching an under 21 soccer team to give youth positive experiences

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