World Student Christian Federation Journey to Orissa, India

From November 25-December 5, 2014, I had the honor of helping lead a delegation of young adults from the World Student Christian Federations North American chapters on an exchange to India. The purpose of our trip was to learn about the devastating consequences of proposed mining practices on the daily lives of rural farmers in […]

Melbourne AIDS 2014 Conference

Submitted by Rev. J.S. I flew to Melbourne leaving Tuesday the 15 arriving early the morning of the 17th Melbourne time. I spent that day seeing some of the sights and trying to stay awake to adjust to the time zone. I went to bed fairly early that night knowing I would not get a […]

Overcoming Violence in the Middle East Inter-Regional Training

Eric C. Jackson, WSCF Representative to the U.N. Report on the World Student Christian Federation’s May 1, 2014 One of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had was attending the “Overcoming Violence in the Middle East” Inter-Regional training program of the WSCF. I’ve lived in the United States of America all of my life and […]

Report on May, 2014 Palestine-Israel Trip

Submitted by Steven For the first nine days (May 13-21) of my sojourn in Israel and Palestine, I traveled alone, including a four-day, self-guided walking pilgrimage from Nazareth to Capernaum on the “Jesus Trail.” For the second nine (May 22-30), I was part of the Challenge and Hope in the Holy Land Tour of the […]

Good Start Report 2014 – June 10 through August 1, 2014

RE: PNME Grant Council Submitted by Romarilyn Good Start project is pleased to report a successful stay at YWCA Head Start North County St. Louis. Although the decision to work with the YWCA Head Start/Early Head Start Program in St. Louis was determined after the original site (Miles Davis Kindergarten Center) in East St. Louis […]

Holy Land Journey 2014

Submitted by Ashley S. The Holy Land. What a loaded term. But it turns out to be quite truthful and a better description for that area of the world than anything else. When I first started talking about going on the Mosaic of Peace trip, I told everyone I was going to Palestine. After several […]

The Holy Land 2014

Submitted by John W. We had the wonderful opportunity to explore the Biblical Holy Land with over 100 other Presbyterians from across the United States, for the Mosaic of Peace Conference. It is always impressive to see firsthand geographical features spoken of in the Bible, and we both will have a whole new prospective when […]

June 29-July 6 2013: Tegucigalpa- El Hogar Orphanage

Honduras 2013: Mission to Serve Rachel, a 2013 PNME Mission Education Scholarship recipient has exciting news! “I will be leaving to teach first grade in Juticalpa, Honduras, in August and am excited for what the future holds. Without my initial trip to Honduras and the assistance of the PNME grant this could not have been […]

Lynne and son Trevor Counsel and Teach at Uganda’s Children of the Nations School

Dear PNME Friends: Hello! This is Trevor! Thank you so much for your generous support of my, and my mom Lynne’s, August, 2011, mission trip to Africa! We seriously could not have done it without you! 🙂 Our travels to Uganda encountered some difficulties which almost kept us from getting there! A delay in Detroit […]

John traveled to Viet Nam and Cambodia as Field Experience for Teaching Business Ethics

In partnership with the Institute of Corporate Responsibility (ICR) at George Washington University, my focus was to integrate spiritual and socially conscious principles in shaping investment policy in emerging markets, specifically around foreign aid, business development, and food policy. A segment of this learning process involves applying tools such as open space technology, training for […]