Our Work

The Pacific Network for Mission Education (PNME) is a Christian ecumenical organization with roots in the global mission education movements of the early 1900s.

PNME inherits the tradition of the Pacific Southwest Conference on World Christian Mission (PSCWCM). Leaders of the PSCWCM organized mission education conferences for decades at Asilomar, where adults and children learned about the witness of the Christian communities’ response to needs of healing in all parts of the world, spiritually and in terms of global justice. The expressed intent of the conferences was to inspire and train leaders who would transform their local congregations into centers of mission.

PNME’s leaders have recently expressed the enduring aim for this nearly 100-year-old effort as promoting solidarity among Christians, partnering with all people who are serving as a healing presence in communities all across the world.

PNME/PSCWCM has worked with diverse partners in education: mainline Protestant denominational mission education bodies and ecumenical councils, evangelical mission organizations and overseas NGO’s, interfaith, Catholic, and ecumenical justice organizations, and local congregations. In recent years PNME co-sponsored conferences and travel opportunities for service and learning to China, Malaysia, and Ecuador. PNME
has also co-sponsored inter faith dialogue on issues of peace with Islamic, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and other faith traditions.

Beginning in 2011 PNME will focus its resources on providing grants that let recipients take part in mission-based approaches to learning offered by other organizations. PNME understands educating for mission takes place in many settings, by laity and clergy, in congregations and in the world. God’s mission is by all and with all.

PNME seeks recipients of its grants whose proposed learning shares its broad understandings of mission and show promise of being strengthened in their roles in mission by their intended project of learning.